Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jim Rome Is Burning (Me)

I've been a Jim Rome fan for a while now. He sprinkles just enough ego onto his sports knowledge and ability to get any guest he wants to keep me entertained. (He makes so much fun of those EAS Myoplex commercials where Utley and Hasselback are all "I'm not done...Now I'm done"-classic) Today at lunch though, Romey pissed me off. I went home for lunch to mack on some microwave pizza and catch some sportscenter, play a little xbox. On my way back to work, I cranked on Rome, only to hear him loading up for a rant against "gamers".

He was quoting an article by the CDC stating that gamers are overweight and depressed when compared to other sects of society. What other sects...crackheads? I'm pretty sure that you could take any pie-section of American society and they would be overweight, and depressed. (see Chicago Cubs fans.)

Anyway, Rome continued on to talk about how big of a "loser" you are if you're a gamer. Up until the point where he said "If you're just having a few beers and playing Madden with the guys, that's fine. Do that." So according to the guy who sits on his ass talking sports all day, video gaming is for lazy losers who need to get their life together-unless they play sports video games. Then it's ok. Give me a break, everyone has a hobby, and video games are no different.

Mr. Rome is a big proponent of horse racing, I wonder how those people who bet on the races would stack up against a gamer? What's the difference between blowing your money on a horse race, or blowing your money on a little video game entertainment? How's playing games any different than watching TV? (Its scientific fact that video games improve hand-eye coordination, FYI) I bet you if you compared the average gamer to the average sports fanatic that the gamer has had similar success in their endeavors. So who is Rome to say that people are losers for the hobby they enjoy?

What about all the middle-aged men who sit around at work listening to Rome trying to think up texts that are funny enough for Rome to make fun of them on his show?

Nah, they aren't losers.

Now I'm done.