Monday, December 29, 2008

tell me what have you done?

Another Christmas, gone again. I got some fat loot too-(big ups to the family..cough cough.. Tim Allen..cough.. I mean Santa Claus). That's not what it's about though.

Christmas is about Jesus' birth-and getting together as a family. And what better way to celebrate Christmas as a family than Rock Band. Yep-On Christmas night after eating some dinner and drinking as much of the chocolate from the chocolate fountain as I could hold, my family sat down/stood up/danced like lunatics in the playroom with the help of Rock band. At one point, my Aunt was singing, my dad and uncle were "dueling banjos" on the guitar, and my mom was an arm up on the Def Leppard drummer. And they had fun! Close, but no 5 star though. I then proceeded to put on my shiny new puffer vest, hood up, shades on, and do the best Sabotage since the Beastie Boys did it live.

It was a great Christmas. I am encouraged at the new direction that games are taking-while there are still the games for the hardcore players, games like Rock Band can bring a family closer together than any other Christmas activity I've seen. Video games are shrugging off their negative, dork persona and becoming a fun time for people to spend together-not sit in front of a screen all alone all the time.

Nice post today-I'm sure my good mood won't last long into the work week.

-d0cta ew

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Readers: Gimme some comments! What are you playing? Did any games bring your family together lately?