Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm being a good boyfriend and shopping with my lady today, at Wolfchase mall. Kill me now, or give me a DS, I need one for my sanity. Although I'm not sure that its worth saving anyway.
I canceled my WoW accounts, I want to spend less time in that joblike game full of worthless imbeciles, and spend what little time I do have playing games that are FUN. MLB2K8 is pretty satisfying when you have a no hitter going against some chump online, and there's plenty of xbox360 titles I missed last year. I also really want a handheld.

My main focus will be school though, and my dream to learn more in the art of web design, I've acquired some training videos for Dreamweaver I'm going to give a look.

Tigers play at 7 tonight against UAB.

-d0cta ew

Now playing: MLB2K8 (I miss baseball season, sue me), NHL09, and trying to figure out Braid on the 360 arcade. (Google it if you haven't heard of it, very refreshing).